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    Referral to Rescues

    Companion K-9 Dog Services no longer does any rescue work, but we do refer other organizations that we support in their cause. We might have an occasional rescue dog we list, but we do not actively promote doing rescue work. If we have any rescues they are listed to the right of this page. Great dogs can be found through these organizations and at your local shelters. They can bring great joy and companionship to you and your family. Some need a little more love and work and some not so much. This is no different then if you are purchasing a purebred dog.You need to dedicate some training, care and love to your pet to enjoy each other and to build a bond. Just like kids they need to know and understand the rules, need some sort of structure, a schedule and guidance. These things have to be taught just like you might have to learn as well if you are a first time dog owner or are not familiar with a particular breed.

    Rescue Organizations

    Please consider these rescue organizations below if interest in adding a new pet to your home.

    Legacy Humane Society
    HillCrest Animal Rescue
    Collin County Animal Services

    Other Rescue Information

    When adopting your pet gather as much history on the dog you have an interest in or even select a couple dogs. Even though there might not be a great deal of prior owner information the organization that has been caring for the dog should be able to give some information on how the dog has been while in their care. Also most of these places should have the status on their vaccinations and medical history. Many times they offer discounts or it’s included in the cost to adopt to ensure your new pet gets a microchip, spayed or neutered and vaccinated. This could all be done depending on the age of the pet and how long the organization has been caring for the dog. Do your own research on the possible breed of the dog or dogs. This should help you make a better choice on which dog might be a better fit for your lifestyle and family.

    Some other things to consider will be a qualified veterinarian, dog trainer, boarding facility, selecting a high quality food and monthly heartworm prevention. I also recommend a high quality supplement such as NuVet Plus. We highly recommend you continue your rescue dog’s training once they settle in to your new family. This will help to ensure you have a life long companion that you love and enjoy.

    NuVet Supplements

    Recommend NuVet Supplements providing a daily supplement and joint formula

    Rescues – Help Locate Owners

    We have posted 2 dogs we found in hopes of finding their owner(s). Please help share these links below. If we don’t find their owner(s) they will be put up for adoption once we feel they are ready for a forever home. We will update status every couple weeks.
    PawBoost Flyer
    Facebook Post

    Adopted Rescues

    Prior adopted rescues finding their happy forever homes and families…
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