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    Kim Vitale – Owner / Head Trainer

    I owned my first German Shepherd Dog in 1990 and have been in love with this breed ever since. I owe my love of dogs and wanting to help families enjoy their companions for life, to my first GSD, VAVALDI. I taught myself how to train Vavaldi through reading training books and watching video tapes. He helped me open up new doors of interest in my life. I have owned up to 7 German Shepherds at one time along with owning several labs. Many have now passed on to Rainbows Bridge leaving an everlasting impression in my heart. My newest additions are all rescues, there is Drake a GSD, Savannah a cattle dog and my little snuggle bug terrier mix, Gypsy. Most all my dogs have earned their CGC and graduated from intermediate obedience at minimum. I have competed professionally in the Conformation Ring and at Obedience Trials earning various awards.

    Since 1992, I have participated in rescue work in both California and Texas working with the Humane Society, local shelters, veterinarians and rescue groups. I have been a volunteer Foster Home for the Second Time Around Aussie Rescue Inc. assisted in evaluating & training for suitable placement of these lovable dogs into permanent homes. Now most of my rescue work is dedicated to dogs that are abandon in the country side. To keep my skills up to date I attend dog training workshops and conferences each year learning various methods of training such as clicker training, shaping, targeting and the studying dog behavior. To further expand my knowledge of other dog sports I have also participated in a few tracking and herding workshops. I have published articles in the WGSDC Texas Metro Newsletter. I’m also a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Inc. (APDT), American Dog Owners Association, Inc. (ADOA) and White German Shepherd Dog Club International.

    I have owned and operated Companion K-9 Dog Services formerly call Wolfsblut Companion K-9 since 1997 in Texas. We mainly did boarding on a small scale in the beginning, while I volunteered for a couple years working at Complete Canine Training with Tracy Atkins. I have an aptitude for understanding the canine mind and their natural ability. Educating the canine requires not only time and patience, but also the ability to evaluate each canine student’s temperament, personality, strengths and weaknesses to determine the best training needed for owner and dog for maximum success. The training goal is to have owners that have an enjoyable companion for life. My other goal is to keep things at a small scale, cage free and a home environment setting in order to keep dogs more at ease during their stay with us. This also gives us the advantage of having more one on one time with dogs that are here. Whether they are training, boarding or in day care. We want your pets to feel as if they are part of our family. It gives them a familiar setting to their own home as well. I find dogs to be less stressed then in a typical kennel environment or in very large training class.