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    Dog Training Phone Consultation

    Phone Consultation Calls give us the advantage of having a one on one session to guide you in training your pooch. We can work on basic politeness around the home and basic obedience. If you have specific issues we can make our sessions more focused to help with these needs. Maybe you just want a lesson to brush up on your dog’s training and reliability by adding some distractions. This program can be tailored to fit the need of the client to help owners and their pets. We are offering 1 hour sessions or prorated half hour sessions. Phone consultations will be followed up with handouts and exercises you can perform at home. Most basic training commands and help with new puppies can be handled with this type of training format. There are certain problem behaviors, such as jumping, chewing, potty issues, etc. that we can deal with as well. Realize depending on your training goals it could require more then one consultation call to achieve the desired results. We will use positive reinforcement training and various behavior modification or systematic desensitization methods. If we feel your goals can’t be met by means of a phone consultation we have a referral list of trainers in the area that we can provide instead.

    First – We will talk with you on what you want to address to ensure this is the proper service to address your training needs.

    Second – You will need to submit a training application detailing your training goals and any issues we need to address. We will want to review this information then set up a 5-10 minute Briefing Call or send you an email.

    Third – Briefing Call will finalize any remaining questions for us or you. Recapping what will be covered during the Consultation and recommended Length of Consultation and/or recommended number of Consultations to help meet your goals. We will go over cost for what we agree upon. Once we have done this we will set up the date and time of the Consultation Call.

    Fourth – Payment must be received prior to the Consultation Call. This will allow us to email you customized handout and exercises. We will allow time for payment and receipt of the documents we send you for your review prior to the Consultation Call. We recommend you review prior to the Consultation Call and make notes or write down any questions you might have to help meet your training goals. We want the Consultation Call to be as direct and efficient as possible.

    Consultation Call – We will go through the handouts provided in more detail clarifying things as needed. Answer any question you have and ensure you understand the daily exercises you need to do with your dog to keep you both moving in a positive direction with results. If we agreed to more then one consultation we will set up the next date and time and follow up with addition handouts as required.

    Phone Consultation Call Cost – $140 per hour or we can prorate into half hour sessions.
    (Note: This cost includes the handouts provided.)

    More serious dog behavior problems such as fear aggression, shyness, possession aggression with food or toys, dog to dog aggressions might require a professional dog trainer to work with you and your pet in your home. Not all training needs can be met by phone consultation. We are more then happy to provide a referral list. We want to ensure the goals of the owner are met to keep you and your pet are happy.

    Note to Owners

    What your dog learns depends on the client’s needs, your consistency in performing and following the instructions provided. Also, what your pet already knows and the pace at which your dog can learn. To keep your dog progressing it is also important to continue training on a consistent basis utilizing the handouts and the skills explained to you during the Consultation Call. This will help your pet retain the proper behaviors and to keep improving skills for a lifetime of enjoyable companionship with one another.

    Application Required

    Click here to open application


    Our requirements are necessary to help provide the best out come during the Phone Consultation.

    • Application form filled out and make sure you are detailed on your training goals.
    • List any particular issues you need to address about your dog.
    • List any recent changes in your household like you recently moved or added another pet, etc.
    • List any medical issues or medications and their purpose for your pet. Sometimes medical things can impact a dog’s behavior.
    • If in agreement on the services during the Briefing Call then payment will be expected after that call by the next day at the latest. This will give us 4-7 days prior to the Phone Consultation Call to prepare and email handouts.