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    McKinney Dog Day Care

    Monday – Friday 7AM – 6:00PM

    Is your dog tired of being cooped up at home, alone? Does your pooch need some time to socialize with people, other dogs and to be able to romp and play?

    Why not bring your pet to Companion K-9’s Dog Daycare!!! Let us Scratch your Dog, it’s our job and we love it! We are your dog’s Home Retreat Away from Home!

    We offer a Doggie Day Care Service Monday through Friday for your pooches to get out of the house and let their ears down. Let them retreat to a supervised romp and play sessions with other canines and some interactive play training on our 6 foot high fenced acreage in the country. We have several separate areas inside and out to accommodate dogs that are active to couch potatoes, large or small and young or old. The “Tiny Paws Yard” is special for only smaller dogs that can play with 4 legged friends their own size. We have a 900-sq. ft. climate controlled inside play area plus pets are allowed in our home especially the little dogs and the ones that are more laid back in nature. We are their home away from home while you are at work. We offer many outside activities where dogs can be dogs. During playtime they can romp in and out of the playhouses, enjoy some agility obstacles, and learn how to fetch or even play a little soccer. In the summer time we offer some kiddy pools for your dogs to have a splashing good time. Your pooches will be totally supervised during playing, feeding or naptime.

    Day care for Canines is a nice alternative for dog owners that have busy schedules. This home retreat offers your pets a variety of activities to help keep them happy, social, stimulated and calmer because of a long day of play and companionship.

    Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

    Application and $20 Temperament Test (Non-refundable) required

    $19 Per Day each additional dogs $12 Per Day

    Day Care Discounted Packages

    • 10 Day Package – $16 per day each additional dog $11.5 per day
    • 20 Day Package – $14.50 per day each additional dog $11 per day

    All package offers must be paid 5 days in advance of first drop off day for day care. Days do not have to be used consecutively, but expire in 3 months from purchase date. Package Pass Card provided upon first visit. Packages can be invoiced via Pay Pal. (All packages purchased are non-refundable)

    Late Fee $10 per every 10 minutes after 6:00 p.m. If dog is not picked up by 6:30 p.m. when our day care doors are locked your pet will be boarded overnight and you will be charged the balance of our normal boarding rate of $30/night with pick up before 9AM the next morning.

    Pack Your Pet a Doggie Bag

    • Lunch Time Meal
    • Special Treats
    • Favorite Blanket for naptime
    • Please put name tags on all Doggie Bags

    Application and Veterinary Shot Records Required

    Click here to open application


    Our requirements are necessary precautions for the welfare of all involved in day care. Dogs must be current on the following vaccinations and other prerequisites apply:

    • Distemper/Parvo or proof of titers
    • Rabies
    • Annual Bordetella vaccine (kennel cough) at least a week prior to dogs visit
    • Monthly flea and tick preventative medication is required
    • Heartworm preventative proof
    • Dogs must be in good health with no communicable condition in past 30 days.

    Please provide copies of your dog’s veterinarian records prior to first lesson.

    • Dogs must be 4 months and older
    • Application and $20 Temperament Test (Non-refundable) required
    • Pooches must come with collars and appropriate tags
    • Once approved for day care we need at least 1 day prior notice to drop off to ensure we are not over booked for that day. (Number of Dogs are Limited for day care)
    • No pets dropped off before 7:00 a.m.
    • Day care is offered Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm. All dogs must arrive by 8:30am. Pick up between 4:00pm to 6:00pm.
    • Owners provide food to lessen digestive stress, making the dog’s visit more comfortable
    • Dogs over 8 months must be spayed/neutered
    • All dogs must be non aggressive and non guarding towards food or toys
    • No females in season allowed
    • Dogs should be housebroken
    • Special Limited Offers – Need to provide details on the source of the offer or bring the post card, flyer, coupon or other type of advertisement with offer to claim. One special offer per family.