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    McKinney Dog Boarding

    Daily Dog Boarding

    Your dog will enjoy a family home environment with a 4-acre playground. They will have fun interacting with other canines and have human companionship. All dog breeds are welcome, but prior screening is required. There are several large fenced outside play yards to watch over dogs during exercise and playtime throughout the day. During playtime they will have fun digging in the sandboxes, romping in and out of the playhouses, taking a cool dip in the kiddy pools on those hot days or enjoying some agility obstacles. To beat those days that are really hot, rainy or cold we have a 900-sq. ft. temperature-controlled area for playing, training or naptime. While staying in the comfort of our home our caretakers will pamper your precious pet as if they are their own. We have several separate areas inside and out to accommodate dogs that are active to couch potatoes, large or small and young or old. The “Tiny Paws Yard” is special for only smaller dogs that can play with 4 legged friends their own size. They will gain social skills with other pooches and practice some light training to earn treats throughout the day. Our garage area has been set up as a climate-controlled area for inside activities for the dogs and rest periods. We run mostly a cage free environment with the exception of bedtime and mealtime for your pet’s safety. We strive to keep your pet safe, happy and healthy like part of our family. Dogs will go home happy and tired from their stay with us.

    Daily Boarding Rates:
    (Check out by 11am the next day. Later pick-ups add daycare rate charge.)
    1 Dog ……… $50 per day
    2 Dogs …….. $77 per day, 2nd dog + $27 (46% savings)
    3 Dogs …….. $102 per day, each additional dog > 2 +$25 each (55% savings)
    4 Dogs …….. $127 per day

    Long Term Dog Boarding

    Long-Term Dog Boarding Plans require prior screening. We run mostly a cage free environment with the exception of bedtime and mealtime for your pet’s safety. They participate in daily activities with our daycare dogs. Your dog must be spayed or neutered, and heartworm preventive provided if stay exceeds a month. Absolutely no aggressive tendencies allowed in dogs for this program. Any dogs staying longer than a month must have the next month’s boarding fees paid the prior month by the 3rd Sunday. Absolutely no exceptions.

    Long Term Boarding Rates:
    Payment due at the beginning of each 30 days.
    (Check out by 11am the next day. Later pick-ups add daycare rate charge.)

    >3 weeks (22 days) to 90 days
    1 Dog ……… $46 per day, (8% savings)
    2 Dogs …….. $70 per day, 2nd dog + $24 (52% savings)
    (+ $22.50 each additional dog > 2, 55% savings)
    3 Dogs …….. $92.50 per day
    4 Dogs …….. $115 per day

    >90 days
    1 Dog ……… $38 per day, (24% savings)
    (+ $20 each additional dog > 1, 60% savings)
    2 Dogs …….. $58 per day
    3 Dogs …….. $78 per day
    4 Dogs …….. $98 per day


    • Please call for reservations – space is limited on all services for the best care
    • Holidays & Summer Vacation Time fill up fast, advise to call ahead by a few months for reservations
    • Deposits required for holidays (4th July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter) to hold Reservations – 50% non-refundable deposit
    • Application required for screening purposes and reservations
    • New dogs must be evaluated by appointment to ensure this is the proper environment for them
    • Proof of all vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP, Kennel Cough, Heartworm preventive, Flea Control)
    • Kennel Cough recommended one week prior to boarding
    • All dogs must be non-aggressive, dog friendly and non-guarding towards food or toys
    • Dogs should be housebroken otherwise owners provide diapers especially for marking
    • Pooches must come with collars and appropriate tags
    • Owners provide food to lessen digestive stress, making the dog’s stay more comfortable
    • Dogs over a year must be spayed/neutered unless special approval given after screening
    • Payment in Full required prior or on the day your dog is first dropped off “No Exception”
    • Dogs picked up after 11:00 am shall be charged additional daycare rates based on number of dogs
    • No dog pick-ups after 6:00 pm
    • Receive 1 free day of boarding for client referrals
    • Families with Multiple dogs – Additional Discounts Available

    Application and Veterinary Shot Records Required

    Please provide all documents prior to first visit. We need actual veterinary shot records. The summary page is fine that shows when all shots are due. You or your veterinarian can email the records or text to our business cell phone. Click the below link to fill out the Digital Application. You can use your cell phone, tablet or computer. If more than 1 dog the digital form will give you the option for the next dog’s information.

    New Clients Click Here for Digital Application

    Existing Clients just Text 214-677-7331 with your Name and Desired Boarding Dates

    Pet Traveling Tips:

    Plot rest stops along the way while traveling with your dog, and plan to stop every 3-5 hours to allow your dog to relieve himself, drink water and stretch his legs (more or less depending on your dog’s needs). List hotels that accept pets for overnight stays. Make a list of several veterinary hospitals that are easily accessible from your route, preferably within one hour’s drive from any given point. Check that they will be open during your travel. Check well in advance if boarding accommodations might be needed. Take into consideration summer and holidays since most boarding places and pet friendly hotels fill up in advance during these periods.

    Bring for the car ride:

    • List of rest stops and veterinary hospitals
    • List of pet friendly hotels
    • Copy of pet’s shot records
    • Leash
    • Dog seat belt or crate / kennel
    • Water and Bowls
    • Treats
    • One or two toys
    • Blanket and/or dog bed
    • Bags to pick up waste
    • Medications, if applicable
    • Your dog’s medical/vaccination records