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    Companion K-9’s Dog Training Philosophy

    All our dog training services use operant conditioning techniques to help shape the behaviors we want of our pets. Operant Conditioning teaches the dogs to work to achieve a reward by performing a behavior without any negative results. The basis of operant conditioning is primarily on positive reinforcement. There are no forms of physical punishment or correction. I have retired all my training options other than Phone Consultations mainly due to the awareness of my age with over 35 years of training dedication towards dogs. I’m utilizing all my years of experience to continue with the Phone Consultation format.

    The positive reinforcement helps build consistency in any behavior that produces it. Your dog will offer more desirable behaviors to earn a reward. The reward or primary reinforcer can be something the dog desires, like food, play, favorite toy (ball) or physical praise. A secondary reinforcer, also called conditioned reinforcers, is something the dog is taught to like. We’ll be using a clicker or verbal cue “yes”. The clicker marks that your dog has performed the desired behavior and a reward will follow.

    We also use targeting techniques which helps the dog focus on performing a particular task. The uses are almost endless for targeting. We use targeting in our conformation, obedience and agility/fun classes. The main targets we use are a target stick and a plastic target. The target stick works great on behaviors requiring movement and transferring target to other objects such as the palm of your hand. The plastic target is useful in teaching contact points in agility or touching a particular object such as a door to close it.

    These methods of dog training give you a dog that strives to achieve and works through mistakes because there are no negative consequences for him to fear. The only negative your dog experiences is not receiving a reward when he doesn’t perform a desired behavior. This builds better reliability and trust with the owner and their canine companions.

    We offer a Phone Consultation Service to encompass these training methods. This service has been developed from over 35 years of experience in group dog classes, private lessons and board and train programs I had developed. Phone Consultation is customized to meet the owner and dog’s needs. We use these same methods to help with various problem behaviors such as jumping, digging, nipping and timid or shy dogs.

    Phone Consultation

    We are offering Phone Consultation Calls to continue to help owners and their pets. Call us for more Information at 972-529-4920. We are offering 1 hour sessions for $140 per hour ( or prorated half hour sessions where feasible). Consultations will include handouts and exercises you can perform at home. Most basic training commands and help with new puppies can be handled with this type of format. There are certain problem behaviors, such as jumping, chewing, potty issues, etc. that we can deal with as well. However, we would want to briefly talk over the phone about your training goals and have a training application to ensure we can assist you.

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    Note to Owners

    What your dog learns during board & train depends on the client’s needs, what your pet already knows, the pace at which your dog can learn and the amount of time spent in my home. Once your dog has completed any of the board & train programs it is also important to continue what you and your pet have learned at home. This will help your pet retain the proper behaviors and to keep improving skills for a lifetime of enjoyable companionship with one another.

    Recommended Reading

    I have provided a list of books and videos to assist owners and their dogs. You can gain more knowledge about different training options, canine structures, breeding, rescue dogs and holistic approaches to dogs.
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