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    Dog Board and Train Programs

    We have decided to discontinue this training program. I have enjoyed over 35 years of training clients and their dogs. My goal has always been to ensure dogs stay in their homes for life and the families enjoy their pets. It’s with a heavy heart I have made this decision and move on to a new chapter in my life.

    Phone Consultations will be our alternate training option available for owner’s and their pets.

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    Daily Dog Board & Train

    Daily Board & Train provides your dog with a daily routine of more house manners, brushing up on basic obedience such as Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Heeling or working on a problem behavior. Basic dog training instructions will be provided to the owner to continue with their pet’s training at home.

    $75 Per Day

    Two Week Dog Program

    The Two Week Program is a more focused training program covering anywhere from the basics, general house manners, advanced training to problem solving. It can be great for dogs that have had no prior training, making sure they have an understanding and consistency of basic commands. Maybe your dog has had some basics but needs to be more polished in certain areas. We can work on solving or redirection some of those problem behaviors. Your dog will be in a family home setting rather than a kennel. This option is great for pet to be in similar surroundings like home while helping your pet to be more of an well behaved indoor companion. The second week we focus on adding many different distracts to help your pet gain more reliability. This program is customized to meet the needs of each client. This dog training service includes 2 weeks of training while the dog lives in my home, detailed information and training packet, 3 private lessons at Companion K-9. The first lesson is when you pick up the dog to help with transition to training at home. You have the option to exchange the last 2 private lessons at Companion K-9 for a 2 day brush up board’n train stay.

    $1000 for 2 Week Program
    5% Multi Dog Discount

    Maintenance Program

    After a Two Week Program your pooch is eligible to enter a discounted Maintenance Program. This can help keep your dog’s behaviors to be more polished or to engage in some advanced training.

    $450 Per Week or $65 per day

    Phone Consultation

    We are offering Phone Consultation Calls to continue to help owners and their pets. Call us for more Information at 972-529-4920. We are offering 1 hour sessions for $140 per hour ( or prorated half hour sessions where feasible). Consultations will include handouts and exercises you can perform at home. Most basic training commands and help with new puppies can be handled with this type of format. There are certain problem behaviors, such as jumping, chewing, potty issues, etc. that we can deal with as well. However, we would want to briefly talk over the phone about your training goals and have a training application to ensure we can assist you.

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    Note to Owners

    What your dog learns during board & train depends on the client’s needs, what your pet already knows, the pace at which your dog can learn and the amount of time spent in my home. Once your dog has completed any of the board & train programs it is also important to continue what you and your pet have learned at home. This will help your pet retain the proper behaviors and to keep improving skills for a lifetime of enjoyable companionship with one another.

    Application and Veterinary Shot Records Required

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    Our requirements are necessary precautions for the welfare of our clients. Dogs visiting Companion K-9 for any of our services must be current on the following vaccinations and other prerequisites:

    • Distemper/Parvo or proof of titers
    • Rabies
    • Annual Bordetella vaccine (kennel cough) at least a week prior to dogs visit
    • Monthly flea and tick preventative medication is required
    • Heartworm preventative proof

    Please provide copies of your dog’s veterinarian records at the time of check-in or prior.

    • Limit on dogs in our board and train services for the best care and training
    • Application required prior for prescreening and scheduling
    • Pooches must come with collars and appropriate tags
    • Owners provide food to lessen digestive stress, making the dog’s stay more comfortable
    • Dogs over a year must be spayed/neutered unless special arrangements are made
    • 2 week Board’n Train program will require owner to purchase proper training equipment
    • 2 week program requires $100 non-refundable deposit for advance reservations
    • Payment in Full required prior or during check in