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    Puppy Socializing (Puppies 12 wks to 6 mths )

    These classes start the family and puppies off on the right paw. Puppy socialization is a very critical step in raising our canine pups. We encourage family participation in these puppy classes. They will learn to interact with other dogs, kids and adults. You and your pooch will learn puppy basics, general house manners, how to head off common behavior problems such as biting, nipping, jumping, submissive peeing, barking and chewing. Common pet care information on puppy development, dog fears and puppy care for your pooches health & wellness. We want puppy training to be fun and rewarding for both owner and pet.

    * $105 4 Week Class (1 hr classes)

    Basic Dog Obedience

    We’ll use the most modern gentle behavior shaping techniques to get the best results from your pets. Clients will learn to train their dog basic dog obedience commands like: Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Stand, and Heel. You will learn different dog training exercises to gain better attention from your dog, more reliable dog behaviors and techniques to have a calmer pet. We’ll talk about leadership, general health & wellness, grooming and fixing or heading off common behavior problems. We address issues such as jumping, digging, chewing, barking, greeting company at the door and bolting from the front door. Our goal is to help you have a well-mannered canine companion for life.

    * $115 6 Week Class (1 hr classes)

    Intermediate Dog Obedience

    Handlers and dogs will learn the basic dog exercises required to earning a Canine Good Citizen certificate (CGC). The American Kennel Club offers this certificate to help promote responsible dog ownership. We build upon our basic obedience training with this class. Clients will perform loose lead heeling with left, right and about turns. Dogs should be accepting of strangers, sit politely for petting and well-mannered while walking through a crowd. Your pooch must sit and down on command and be calm during supervised isolation. Reactions to other dogs and distractions will also be part of the exercises. The actual CGC certified test will be offered on the last class. A CGC Certificate will be given to those whom pass.

    * $115 5 Week Class (1 hr classes)
    $10 donation for CGC certified test

    Advance Dog Obedience

    Open to dogs and handlers that have completed a basic and/or intermediate course. Dogs will need to demonstrate some reliability regarding stays and recalls. You and your dog learn all the exercises required to earn a CD, Companion Dog Title. This will require performing off leash exercises along with learning ring etiquette. Even if you don’t’ want to compete in a dog competition you will learn to have better reliability regarding recalls, heeling and stay commands. In addition to the CD exercises you will have the opportunity to perform some jumps, retrieves and drop on recall exercises. Gain confidence and control while your dog is off leash with heavier distractions. Any uncontrollable or aggressive dogs will not be permitted.

    * $115 For 5 Week Class (1 hr classes)

    Class Schedule

    Schedules for Puppy Socializing through Advance Group Classes. Click here to find out more

    Application & Veterinary Shot Records Required

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    Our requirements are necessary precautions for the welfare of our clients. Dogs visiting Companion K-9 for any of our services must be current on the following vaccinations and other prerequisites:

    • Distemper/Parvo or proof of titers
    • Rabies
    • Annual Bordetella vaccine (kennel cough) at least a week prior to dogs visit or in past 6 months
    • Monthly flea and tick preventative medication is required
    • Monthly heartworm preventative proof

    Please bring photocopies of your dog’s veterinarian records at the time of check-in or prior.

    • * $5 off specified classes if pre-registered 10 days in advance
    • Payment due by first class or prior
    • Application required prior for prescreening and registration
    • No Bitches in season allowed in classes
    • No Aggressive dogs – alternative training recommended
    • Appropriate training equipment – Purchase as required (covered during first)
    • No choke chains allowed
    • No retractable leashes
    • Current Dog ID tags & Collars on all dogs
    • Bring small bite size treats (Bil-Jac)
    • Limit on number of dogs in class